NRT HD New Frequency on EUTELSAT8B@8.W

NRT HD New Frequency on EUTELSAT8B@8.W Updated Feed Today

NRT HD New Frequency on EUTELSAT8B@8.W

Neural Response Telemetry, a mechanism to measure responses from cochlear implants
Neuroreflexotherapy, a medical treatment for low back pain and other ailments.
Nicotine replacement therapy, a stop-smoking treatment
Thalamic reticular nucleus (Latin: Nucleus reticularis thalami), a part of the thalamus (a structure within the brains of vertebrates)

Nançay Radio Telescope, a radio telescope located in the town of Nançay, France
Near real-time, a term used in telecommunications
Net register tonnage, the volume of cargo a vessel can carry
Non-Real-Time Content Delivery, delivery of digital content in advance of use
Non-Regression testing, a software testing approach to verify the occurrence of bugs during the development of an application
Norton Removal Tool, a software utility that aids in uninstalling certain Symantec products
Nonreciprocal translocation involves the transfer of genes from one chromosome to another, nonhomologous chromosome

FREQ:11595 V 27500
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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